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Arthur Harvey

Dr. Arthur Harvey

"If music's impact, as I observe it in an individual situation, provides the type of response that would be beneficial for health care, and if I find support from other researchers verifying the beneficial effects of music, ought we then to encourage, with confidence, the establishment of such a musical intervention as a standard component of health care, in the broadest sence of that term?"

Throughout his forty-two years as a musician and educator, Dr. Harvey has directed his energy interests in three areas of music: 1) school music education, with an emphasis on special needs students, 2) church music education, and 3) medical/health care/therapeutic music education. He received a BS from Gordon College in 1959, a MM from Boston University in 1965, and a DMA from Temple University in 1974, and has done postdoctoral studies in several fields.

Respected Music Educator:

Dr. Arthur Harvey is Immediate Post President of the Hawaii Music Educators Association, and has been active in MENC at both the state and national levels since 1959, serving on the first MENC National Committee for Special Needs Individuals. Dr. Harvey is internationally known as an authority in music for special needs individuals, therapeutic applications of music, music and the brain, and music and health, and has provided training and spoken at conferences in 23 countries, as well as throughout the United States. He served as a Very Special Arts International Music Trainer for many years, traveling to prepare teachers to use music therapeutically in China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tunisia, Maraca, Australia, New Zealand, England, Denmark, Germany, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Canada and the United States, emphasizing utilization of music for both educational and therapeutic purposes.

Spokesperson for Music in Health:

As Founder and Executive Director of Music for Health Services, Dr. Harvey has a diverse and rich background in teaching, research and clinical applications of music as therapy. He is a member of the International Society for Music in Medicine, and the International Arts Medicine Association. For one year he served as director of a Center for the Advancement of Arts in Medicine in Sarasota, Florida. He is a frequent keynote speaker at related conferences, and has taught workshops and courses on topics such as "Music as a Healing Art", "The Therapeutic Roles of Music in Health Care, and "Music for Health and Wellness."

He is featured on a seven-show series, Music and Brain, produced by Eastern Kentucky University. He recently released a 2-CD set recording of Music for Wellness by the LIND Institute, of which he is a Consultant and researcher, and co-authored a book and CD Learn With the Classics that was released in 1999, also by LIND Institute. Currently he is working on two books, one dealing with Music and Stress Management and the other on the Music-Brain Connection. He has published many articles, authored chapters in several books, and co-authored several training manuals in music for special needs individuals.

Holistic Health Advocate:

Dr. Harvey is a Music Education Professor in the Department of Music at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He also serves as Director of Music and Worship at Calvary By The Sea Lutheran Church. Dr. Harvey served for several years as Coordinator of Therapeutic Music Services for Hospice Hawaii, Inc., and continues to provide weekly therapeutic music sessions for Leahi Hospital, as well as continuing as a an active consultant for health care programs and organizations.

Before moving to Hawaii in 1991, Dr. Harvey was on the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University for 17 years as Professor of Music Education, and in addition to his music education responsibilities, in conjunction with College of Allied Health and Nursing developed a Music and Health training program, and coordinated three National Conferences on Music and Health. Dr. Harvey also was on the faculty of the University of Louisville School of Medicine for five years, and assisted in the development of the Program for Arts in Medicine. Dr. Harvey's broad background in music education has included experience as a concert and marching band director, orchestra conductor, general and special addiction music education teacher, as well as a performing artists. He continues to be active as a public speaker, author, researcher, and consultant in the fields of Music and Education, as well as Music for Health Services, as well as performing and conducting.

For more information about Dr. Harvey's work, visit the University of Hawaii at Manoa Music Department website at
Follow this link to an article written by Dr. Harvey for the Hawaii Music Educators publication, entitled "An Intelligence View of Music Education"


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