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Jacotte Chollet

"It's hard to explain in words what multidimensional music is, because it is something very special at the crossroads of sound, energy, consciousness, and health. It concerns the soul as well as the body the mind and the spirit.. . It is not only sound, it is not only energy, it is not only music, it is Resonance within. It's a way to get in touch with your Self, a way to get to know yourself better. It's a new software, very soft and quite aware. It's a bridge to the source, a new consciousness, an increased awareness. It opens the door to multiple dimensions you may not be aware of."

Jacotte Chollet considers herself more a creator than a composer. She says that the creative act is a common denominator regardless of the field it is applied to. She sees herself as a synthesizer of all her fragmented selves and the de-composer of all that is not the real Self. She readily admits that she doesn't know how to write musical notation and doesn’t want to learn it. For her, music is an inner experience which extends far beyond writing notes on a paper or into a computer!
From The Visual to The Auditory:

Jacotte Chollet has been a photo journalist, a TV producer and film maker, a world traveler, a sound and energy researcher, a consciousness explorer, a music creator, a healer, a transformational lecturer, a workshop leader, as well as a graphic artist. She co-produced and directed over 50 documentary films for French national television presenting ancient civilizations as well as new concepts and leading edge researchers in science, philosophy, psychology such as Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Karl Pribram, Paul MacLean, Krishnamurti, Kishomaru Ueshiba (creator of Aikkido), Konrad Lorenz, Norman Cousins, Stan Grof, Arthur Janov, Marilyn Ferguson

By the early 1980's, after the shock of her mother's sudden death Jacotte turned towards inner dimensions and subtler realms. She started using "sound" as a vector of consciousness exploration and energy activation. This personal transformation journey lead her to the creation of Multidimensional Music (MMD) which soon became recognized as an efficient tool of consciousness expansion and exploration, energy integration, enhanced cellular communication and unfolding of subconscious information and dormant creative capacities.

Prolific Recording Artist:

In 2000, Jacotte completed her series of 7 CD's called "listening to the Self, restoring our wholeness" , which features: Renaissance, Invisible Presence, Unite (double CD), Creation, Silent Light, and Sky Dancing, which are available from her web site.

What Other Say About Jacotte's Work:

"I have long admired the tremendous creative work that Jacotte Chollet has done with use of music to evoke altered states. Her compositions and performances have the power to promote healing at the deepest level and to bring about profound spiritual insights and transformational effects in the listener", says Kenneth Ring, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Psychology founder of IANDS (International Association of Near Death studies) and author of Heading towards Omega and Lessons of the Light.

"The Multidimensional Music of Jacotte Chollet has the capacity to take its listeners in non-ordinary realms of experience where they can evoke creative ideas, obtain clarity about life decisions, find peace of mind and body or interact with the impressions stimulated by this unique program," says Stanley KRIPPNER. Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School of Psychology, and author of Personal Mythology, The Mythic Path and Healing States.

"With the exception of the very large Tibetan gongs, Jacotte Chollet's music is first which causes resonance within. In my own experience the music of Renaissance causes one of the two main energy columns to vibrate. The experience was and is still ecstatic. The music of Invisible Presence causes the outer edge of the aura to scintillate around the body as far as my fingers can reach. It seems to cause the aura to integrate after a few moments and when it does, it turns into a deep, translucent purple with a white scintillating edge. It's beyond music, in the ethers and subtle senses," says Ingo Swann, researcher in extended human perception, author, famous remote viewer.

Scientific Authentication of Multidimensional Music:

In 1992, Jacotte collaborated with professor Régis Dutheil, MD, a well-known French quantum physicist professor at Poitiers School of Medicine and Consciousness writer, and Biologist, Lydie Ries, to create the Institute for Development and Expansion of Consciousness, where a number of consciousness expanding workshops induced by resonance with Jacotte's Multi-Dimensional Music (MMD). The results of the repeated biological testing and study of psycho-physiological effects on volunteers were documented
. This research showed the efficiency of MMD music in sending "highly coherent" vibrations to human living cells, as well as triggering spectacular energy shifts, causing hyper-oxygenation of the blood, improving hemoglobin level of the blood and stimulating the immune system.

Dr. Dutheil presented Jacotte's research in his book "Supra-Luminal Medicine" where he refers to her music as "Medicine of the Twenty-first Century."

International Lecturer:

Jacotte has been giving workshops and lecturing at international conferences and Congresses in Europe since 1992. In the last several years she has begun to present her research in the USA: at the "Body Wisdom" in 1999, "International Conference on Science and Consciousness" in 1999 and 2000, "Pavlovian Society Annual Conference" in 2000, "Conference on the Study of Shamanism and Alternate Modes of Healing" in 2000, the "International Conference on Altered States of Consciousness" in 2001, and the "International Conference on Therapeutic Use of Light and Sound" in 2001 in Cambridge, England.

You can find more about Jacotte's work on her website at:


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