International Sound Symposium
Dr. Jeffrey Thompson

"Brainwave entrainment is part of a larger biological function called 'Biological Sympathetic Oscillation'. Our biological 'clock' sets itself to external cosmic events; day length cycles, full moon cycles and seasonal cycles to name a few. The body will set itself to the most powerful external pulse cycle it is exposed to. In this case we can create powerful sound frequencies pulsing at exact brainwave speeds and cause the brainwaves to alter themselves to match the sound frequencies - that is entrain themselves to the sound pulses."

Jeffrey Thompson, DC, MFA, has been experimenting with sound since 1980 in Virginia at the Holistic Health Center, which he had established there. At the time, it was the largest Center of its kind in Virginia. His experiments were in using exact sound frequencies to make Chiropractic spinal adjustments, cranial adjustments, stimulate and normalize organ function and balance Acupuncture Meridians. Dr. Thompson is now recognized as a worldwide expert in the field of brainwave entrainment frequencies incorporated into musical sound tracks.

Composer, Musician, and Recording Artist:

A consummate musician and composer in his own right, Jeff Thompson has established a method for using modulated sound-pulses for Brainwave Entrainment for changing states of consciousness for optimal "Mind-Body" healing. His first recording Isle of Skye was carried by every major New Age Music Distributor in the US within it's first month of release. Within the first six months it was adopted by the American Hypnotherapy Association for its use in hypnosis. In the years since, Dr Thompson has generated over 60 Brainwave Entrainment compact disks and audiotapes sold in 26 countries and used by Holistic MD's, Psychiatrists and Psychologists, Chiropractors and other bodywork professionals as well as the general public. His tapes and CD's are carried nationally in major stores and catalogs: Barnes & Noble, Borders, Waldenbooks, Crown Books, Sam Goody's, Tower Records and the Delta Sync Sleep System CD Set carried through national TV ads by Time/Life.

World Renowed Researcher, Educator and Lecturer:

Jeff Thompson is currently on the faculty and has research and clinical offices at the California Institute for Human Science (CIHS - a graduate school and research center) in Encinitas, California. He teaches two 40-hour courses in sound therapy techniques ("Behavioral Psychoacoustics" and "Clinical Neuroacoustics"), recognized by the state of California as part of the core curriculum for the Clinical Psychotherapy and Human Science Masters and PhD programs at CIHS. He has worked with Deepak Chopra, created 7 tapes with Louise Hay, done the sound programs for conferences with Bernie Seigel, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Bru Joy, and Susan Jeffers.

Recipient of Prestigious Awards:

Jeff Thompson has worked with NASA and JPL with plasma-wave audio recordings sent back from the Voyager Space Craft and researched their effects on the subconscious mind for healing and emotional release. His work has been part of research projects at the NeuroPsychiatric Center at UCLA and researched at the Royal Ottowa Sleep Research Center in Canada. His work has been chosen to be part of the nationally funded CSCAT (Center for the Study of Complimentary and Alternative Therapies) Program at the University of Viginia Medical School and his recordings have been used with patients during surgery and in the oncology departments of hospitals in Pennsylvania. He is currently part of the Complimentary-Alternative Medicine Research and Therapy Association at Scripps Hospital, San Diego, California.

Dr Thompson has appeared on FOX Evening News Los Angeles, CNN Worldwide Reports, numerous cable access shows, San Diego Channel 10 Evening News, San Diego Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Psychology Today Magazine and a host of San Diego Newspapers. Education & Certifications Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, 1970 Massachusetts College of The Arts, Boston, MA. Chiropractic Physician Degree, 1980 Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA (Licensed to practice: CA, NY, VA, W.VA.) Certified Physiotherapy (all modalities) Certified Chiropractic Radiography (xray) Chinese Meridian Therapy (needleless, laser, magnetic) 1972-present Applied Kinesiology (AK)(Certified / Advanced) Craniopathy (AK, S.O.T., Sutherland) Sacro-Occipital Technique (S.O.T.) Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (advanced S.O.T. - adjusting organs) Nutritional Counseling (Blood Chemistry/CBC/UA analysis) Biomagnetic Therapy (Certified) - Ceramic Earth Alloy / Magnetherm Polarity Therapy Color Therapy 1988, Hygeia College of Color Therapy, Brook House, Avening, Tetbury,UK (Theo Gimbel)

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