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Randy Masters

Randy Masters

"Every number has a vibratory energy pattern or inner numerical signature-its own numerical voice in the Universal Life field choir. The harmonic blueprints of our world sing this 'Universal Song' that is referred to as Nada, Brahma, of the world is sound, for those who choose to really listen and perceive. When the doors of perception are open to this "choir", the real inner music can be heard and experienced. "Nature Speaks" becomes a perceivable conversation amongst all species and life forms and a reverence for all of life becomes the baseline of our relationships."

Randy Masters has been a musician and educator about the science of music for many years. He has a unique understanding of the harmonic mathematics, and teaches about the ancient knowledge of Pathagoras and esoteric teachings.

Composer, Publisher and Multi-talented Musician:

Randy Masters is a composer, publisher and multi-talented musician specializing in world music composition and performance. He taught at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he was on the Music Faculty and Artist in Residence for 10 years. He also taught seven years at San Jose State University. He has released numerous recordings of multi-national jazz music and composed several feature-length movie scores. He both performed and arranged for many internationally known recording artists such as Tito Puente, Charlie Byrd, Hedzoleh Soundz, Lou Harrison and Solar Plexus. Randy is a Minister in the Church of Malabar and the Church of the Golden Age. He specializes in spiritual teaching and harmonic attunements using special tuning forks designed from his research, color and essential oils.

Researcher and Author:

Randy and his research partner, Wesley Bateman, have accumulated more than 28 years of harmonic and mathematic analysis of the Giza Pyramids published as the Rods of Amon Ra (the RA system of mathematics). Randy is currently the President of Springlife Polarity, Inc. and has designed their subtle energy polarizers for over 10 years utilizing sacred geometry and unified field harmonics. In addition, Randy is an Advisory Board Member for the Etherium Technologies as well as a Harmonic Consultant for numerous companies specializing in vibrational energy research.

Educator and Lecturer:

Presently, Randy teaches courses in Music of the Spheres and the Universal Song where the interrelationships of music, sound, sacred geometry, color and the resonances of sacred numbers and spirituality are studied. Randy's personal recordings are available through Masters Publishing House. He resides in Aptos, California, USA.


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