International Sound Symposium

August 1, 2001
For Immediate Release

Santa Cruz, California--The first International Sound Symposium of the 21st century will be held March 1-4, 2002 at the Hyatt in San Jose, California. This symposium will bring together an international community of scientists, sound and vibrational therapists, musicologists, and the community-at-large. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the research, the technologies, and the work being conducted in the field of sound and vibrational medicine.

The event will include four days of intensive workshops, featured presentations, panel discussions, exhibits and demonstrations, concerts, and other activities. Many leading presenters from the growing vibrational therapy field have been scheduled. Keynote speakers are musicologist Don Campbell (The Mozart Effect), musician and researcher Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, psychotherapist-musician Tom Kenyon, and composer-psychologist Silvia Nakkach. Also leading workshops are multidimensional musician Jacotte Chollet, composer-researcher Joshua Leeds, musician-educator-music therapist Dr. Arthur Harvey, sound therapist Sharry Edwards, musician and sound therapist Wayne Perry, scientist-therapist Dr. James Oschman, musician-composer Randy Masters, and researcher-author Dr. Billie Thompson.

The symposium's coordinating committee states, "It's our intention to create a forum for the sharing of information, scientific research, and sound healing resources, modalities, and techniques. This will be an opportunity for people at all levels of interest or experience to network with others from around the world, forming important alliances to advance this field of healing. The ancient practice of sound healing is seeing a great resurgence in our time. Studies in France have shown that sound and music enhance normal brain functions, normalize abnormal brain wave activity, reduce high blood pressure, lessen pain, reduce stress hormones, and prevent premature labor. Sound therapy is said to be a perfect complement to all types of healthcare treatments. In the last decade, sound therapy has become more widely known and accepted throughout the world as a valuable medical healing modality."

Discounted tickets for early enrollment are $225, and you're encouraged to register early as space is limited. For information about tickets, exhibits, advertising or other participation, email or call 831-335-3145, 831-688-1133 or 831-588-7498. The International Sound Symposium is being co-produced by Peggy Black, Amrita Cottrell, and Dr. Karl Maret, and sponsored by the non-profit groups Dove Health Alliance and The Healing Music Organization, based in Santa Cruz County, CA. For details about the symposium, visit their website at


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