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Wayne Perry

Wayne Perry

"I show people simple ways to use their own body--which is a vibrational vessel, basically; it's literally made of sound frequency and vibration--and using toning breathwork, vocal harmonics, and audio tapes to reach their goals as far as healing and empowerment."

Founder and Director of the Sound Therapy Center of Los Angeles, Wayne Perry, has been in private practice as a sound therapist and vibrational healer since 1992. He has garnered international acclaim by conducting healing sessions, classes, and workshops in England, Italy, Egypt, and Japan, as well as in most major cities across the United States.

Sound healer, Wayne Perry, started his career as a professional singer in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois, some years ago. Since those days, Wayne has taught voice, meditation, toning, and healing; with stints in-between as a American Red Cross executive, radio producer and host, movie and music reviewer, composer, teacher, jazz singer, TV show producer and host.

Radio and Television Spokesperson:
He is currently one of the leading proponents and practitioners of sound therapy, and vibrational healing. In the last few years he has traveled the world, leading classes and workshops on the practical applications and utilization of sound and toning as a powerful, viable healing modality. Wayne and his work have been featured nationally on many radio shows and TV shows such as: CNN, CBS News, and Roseanne Show, Strange Universe, America's Talking, Alive and Wellness, TBS and Health Watch - CLTV Chicago, as well as numerous radio programs round the country. Mr. Perry has also been producing and hosting "Heart Touch", his own popular, leading-edge radio and television show in Los Angeles, now going into its 10th year of broadcast.

In 1993 he published the Correlative Healing Chart for Sound Therapy, which is popularly used by healers and sound practitioners worldwide. Mr. Perry is also renowned as a sound therapy researcher, overtone singer, and recording artist.

Sound Healer:
When Wayne started this work, he was able to heal many physical and emotional imbalances, both minor and major. He was able to release minor aches and pain such as chronic knee pain and TMJ in his jaw. Some of the more profound results include the relase of kidney stones from his system which had plagued him over a period of several years and hospitalized him. His intense allergies were about 90% relieved over a period of 2-3 years. Wayne says that sound was what created the relief of all these physical ailments. The most profound healing he had regarding sound, was on the emotional level. As a holistic practitioner, he believes, based on both his experience and research, that the causes of any and all physical imbalances are rooted on the inner levels, emotionally and psychologically. He went through many types of personal growth, but Wayne believes that when he was able to "release a lot of emotional junk" the deep healing took place. He did this release through toning, breathwork, vocal overtoning and self-healing techniques which he now teachers to others through his lectures and private practice.

Recording Artist and Author:
Wayne Perry is a well-known presenter and healer who uses sound, specifically his voice, as his primary tool. Through the use of some serious multi-tracking, Perry makes every single sound on his recordings, including singing, toning, overtoning, whistling, words, channeling, drum and percussion sounds, choirs, and various sonic effects solely with his own voice. The titles of his recordings are: Remember the Future, In Chantment, Tantra Mantra, and the Cosmichoir, The Secrets to Vocal Overtoning, and his new 6-hour healing series--The Secrets to Healing with Sound and Toning.

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