Chant to the Elements

by Tom Kenyon

This is best done outside; however it is still powerful wherever it is done. Allow you’re self to relax and find that place in your heart center. You are going to be sending love and gratitude to each of the elements. You will chant the sound, while holding the vision of the element in your heart, honoring it with your love. There are two parts, the first part is to the elements outside our selves and the second part is to the elements inside our body. When this chant is done for a long period of time the two aspects merge. The inside and outside become one. It is a profound and delicious experience. Repeat the chants in sets of four.


EL…..honors the earth.

KA…..honors the sun/fire

LEEM…..honors the oceans/waters

OM…..honors air/space

EL…..honors the bones

KA….honors the solar plexus/ metabolism/fire

LEEM….honors the blood and all fluids

OM…..honors the lung/breath


Tom Kenyon, is a Shaman, researcher, author, therapist, musician, teacher and
sound healer. Tom leads seminars and trainings internationally.

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